Services Overview

Strategic Planning

Growth strategies significantly impact the health of our organizations. Spectrum partners with senior living organizations to create a solid roadmap and help answer the “big” questions. Together, we’ll walk through a personalized creative process offering you a high-level of service.
With the consumer in mind, we guide teams through:

  • Strategic interactive planning
  • Tailored market responses
  • Scenario-based exercises and planning

  • Base-line financial planning
  • Board and management scenario planning
  • Amenity package and common space programming

  • Product positioning (where and how to grow)
  • Board and constituency education

Market Research

We partner with your organization to provide a clear view of current and future trends to guide decision-making. Our demand models and market data are specific to senior living and finely segmented and tuned for your target demographic. Let’s discuss which offerings will help you reach your current and future goals.

Market Research Service / Product Offerings:

  • Competitive review & analysis (market & pricing)
  • GAP (Geographic Allocation Process)
  • Market feasibility studies
  • Preliminary and detailed market assessments
  • Consumer research (focus groups, surveys, mapping)
  • Product marketplace testing (fee structures, services, and product type)
  • Lifestyle segmentation

Within senior living, we can review the following:

  • Life Plan Communities (entrance fee, rental, and equity models)
  • Active Adult
  • Assisted Living and Skilled Nursing
  • Memory Support and Hospice
  • LifeCare without Walls
  • Home & Community Based Services

Project Management

Once you have established the Community’s Plan, Spectrum’s Project Management Services will help you move efficiently from concept to reality. Our goal is simply to execute and manage the development process, and deliver the project on-time, fully occupied, and on-budget.
Project Management services include:

  • Facilitate the creation of the development plan
  • Facilitate the development plan’s implementation
  • Coordinate the work of the Professional Development Team (PDT)
  • Coordinate detailed planning on the amenity package and common spaces
  • Provide market research, pricing review, and development budget
  • Coordinate updates to financial models and needed financial support

  • Facilitate the GMP process
  • Coordinate the value engineering process
  • Coordinate with implementation of the marketing plan
  • Define and organize the parameters for decision-making for development issues
  • Monitor the architects, designers, and contractors schedules and work

  • Develop and implement the process for options and upgrades
  • Establish the operational program and opening procedures
  • Provide the resources of agreements, handbooks, disclosure statements, application forms, marketing materials, service contracts, policies and procedures

Marketing & Creative

Our unique, multi-disciplined approach to senior living marketing linked with our relationship-based approach to sales is more fruitful than traditional, advertising-based strategies. We approach marketing as both art and a science.

We listen to the market, position your product, cultivate relationships, and build community networks to earn the trust required to build the member relationship. We partner with you to provide the following:


  • Brand and identity development
  • Brand experience and launch

Digital solutions

  • Interactive strategy
  • Immersive web development
  • Wellness data through Wellzesta Life plugin
  • Integrated digital communications
  • Social media


  • Graphic design
  • Photography / videography
  • Content generation & copywriting
  • Smart messaging


  • Direct mail
  • Supporting lead generation materials

Public Relations

  • Referral programs
  • Community building
  • Media relations


  • Move-in programming
  • Referral programming
  • Reporting and metrics


We specialize in sales for senior living. We deliver results for your community. Spectrum’s tailored sales process uses solid sales approaches, relationship-based networking, and innovative strategies to increase occupancy and improve resident engagement.

Utilizing our multi-discipline capabilities, we support you in developing superior strategies that fulfill your organization’s vision, increase financial stability, and attain strategic goals. Even more importantly, we work with you to delight your residents so they live healthy, happy, more fulfilled lives. Our team works directly with your Marketing and Sales staff both on-site and through technology to enhance overall sales performance. Spectrum partners with you to achieve exceptional sales and occupancy results, while minimizing attrition.
Sales services:

  • Onsite sales management
  • Onsite coaching
  • Recruiting, hiring, training

  • Relationship-sales fundamentals
  • Data-driven sales processes
  • Benchmarking

  • CRM selection and coaching
  • Lead scoring
  • Sales and behavior tools


Spectrum embraces a culture of vitality. Technology and wellness are leading change for the senior living industry. We believe that Life Plan Communities are well-positioned to become integrated wellness providers.
The 8 Dimensions of Wellness:

Social: Developing a sense of connection, belonging, and a well-developed social support system
Physical: Caring for your body and recognizing the need for physical activity, choosing a healthy diet and getting adequate sleep
Emotional: Managing your emotions in a constructive way; understanding and respecting your own feelings, values and attitudes; appreciating the feelings of others.
Spiritual: Discovering and expanding your sense of purpose and meaning in life

Intellectual: Maintaining a curiosity for learning; recognizing creative abilities and finding ways to expand knowledge and skills
Environmental: Discovering awareness of how your behavior impacts the earth and how the physical world impacts you; a commitment to a healthy and sustainable environment
Occupational: Developing a sense of your strengths, skills, values and interests for your career or volunteer work
Financial: Understanding and planning for financial prosperity and legal security