Occupancy Is Overrated. Unless Your Numbers Are Under Performing.

Spectrum’s Leadership Team.

Mike Wallace, CEO & Partner

Mike Wallace, CEO & Partner

spreadsheeter. steady. boater. loyal. husband. father.

Mike Wallace

CEO & Partner

Background Mike has worked with Spectrum since 1996 and has been a partner since 2011. His experience in planning, marketing, sales, sales training, customer service, and product design has assisted over 50 Life Plan Communities succeed through major expansions, multi-site sales and marketing, and repositioning. Mike has recently led the marketing efforts in Houston, Texas, for Brazos Presbyterian Homes’ expansion of Brazos Towers at Bayou Manor, The Gateway Promise expansion at Aldersgate in Charlotte, NC and the expansion and recent opening of Phase II at The Cypress in Raleigh, NC.  Mike holds a B.A., Business Management, North Carolina State University.

Favorite phrase: “steady always wins.” We work with marketing teams to establish proven, work principles that connect seniors and open a path of discovery for new perspectives in senior living. Steady and appropriate follow-up combined with good advice works wonders.

Let’s be smarter in the design for senior living. Listen to our future residents and provide the best of the 4 H’s – modern and practical Housing, Hospitality services delivered well, Holistic Wellness that enhances their lifestyle, and the assurance of quality and compassionate Healthcare.

3 must haves if I were stranded on a desert Island.
1.  My wife and two sons (I guess that’s 3!), if I get two more…
2.  Fishing rods
3.  Fishing tackle

Hoppy Sell

President & Partner

Background 18 years of developing sales teams and implementing marketing plans frames his expansive knowledge empowering sales professionals with proven tools to enrich the lives of seniors and increase occupancy in their communities; and is a requested and frequent speaker on senior living trends and best practices. His perspective, knowledge, and insights have helped create industry-leading marketing and sales campaigns with startup pre-sales, expansions, and repositioning’s. Hoppy holds a B.S. from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and serves on Spectrum’s Leadership Team. Beliefs One of my greatest passions as an advisor/mentor/coach is to create an excitement…a buzz…a quest for understanding.  There is nothing more rewarding than to see that “Aha!” moment in a residency counselor’s eyes; the realization that he/she “gets it” and now knows how to share it with prospective residents. Creative and critical thinking enables counselors to better understand the options that our customers are weighing. Vision As senior living continues to evolve to meet the desires and needs of the changing customer, there’s a promising traffic pattern starting to emerge that gives me hope for the future: the four-way intersection of great housing, hospitality, healthcare and holistic wellness. 3 must haves if I were stranded on a desert Island. 1.  My sand iron and bucket of balls 2.  My American Express since they say “don’t leave home without it” 3.  A boat in case I change my mind

Hoppy Sell, President & Partner

Hoppy Sell, President & Partner

frequent flyer. go-getter. creative. bacon-lover. happy. problem-solver.

Greg Sellers, CFO/COO & Partner

Greg Sellers, CFO/COO & Partner

health nut. early riser. analyst. facilitator. joyful. team player.

Greg Sellers

CFO/COO & Partner

Background 30 years of experience as auditor, controller, VP/Finance, and CFO offers Greg the insight necessary to guide Spectrum’s corporate financial planning and operations. Expertise covers strategic planning, budgeting, accounting, financial systems, mergers and acquisitions. Greg is a graduate from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill and serves on the Spectrum Leadership Team. Beliefs There is a passion to be the best for our partner, the client; not only to do whatever it takes, to be the best, but to be creative and innovative in achieving results. Vision Embrace change, innovation and disruption in order to lead our partners in servicing the new senior consumer. Spectrum will use its 40 years of experience to forge new frontiers in the industry and accelerated us into the next generations. 3 must haves if I were stranded on a desert Island. 1.  Bible 2.  A guitar 3.  Wilson

Lonny Blessing

VP of Planning & Project Management

Background Since 1993 Lonny has served in the senior housing and services arena and provides Spectrum’s clients with strategic planning, product development and project management. Formerly, Lonny was with Erickson Retirement Communities for 16 years as VP of Operations, serving as Executive Director of two Life Plan Communities; served as Marketing Director for four Erickson communities. Lonny holds an M.A., Marketing from University of Maryland University College; a B.A., Business Administration from Shippensburg University; graduate studies in Theology from Gettysburg Lutheran Seminary Fuller Theological Seminary. Lonny serves on Spectrum’s Leadership Team. Beliefs The rapidly changing consumer is driving the future of Life Plan Communities. To stay relevant, we must constantly be listening to consumer desires and respond with creativity. Vision The new consumer’s focus on wellness brings endless opportunities to create environments that enrich the lives of entire organizations. Exciting! 3 must haves if I were stranded on a desert Island. 1.  Fellow castaways to interact with 2.  A library with enough books to go the distance 3.  Tools/supplies to build things

 Lonny Blessing, VP of Planning & Project Management

Lonny Blessing, VP of Planning & Project Management

facilitator. communicator. family-man. organizer. latte-lover. team player.

 Eileen Moore, Regional Director of Marketing

Eileen Moore, Regional Director of Marketing

enthusiastic. data nerd. fun-loving. detail-oriented. caring. thankful.

Eileen Moore

Regional Director of Marketing

Background Eileen has worked with Spectrum since 2004 and offers clients significant experience in training, lead management & generation, event planning, sales and marketing. Eileen is a certified CRM trainer and provides clients with in-depth database system analysis and training. She has worked with more than 64 communities to streamline the process, create meaningful reports, and increase staff database utilization. Eileen was the Marketing Consultant at Providence Point; a start-up community in Pittsburgh, PA. She has worked on startups and expansions at Brazos Towers in Houston, TX and The Ranch in Stillwater, OK. She has a Bachelor’s degree from Thiel College in Greenville, Pennsylvania, was a licensed real estate broker. Beliefs One person can make a difference, a team can create a transformation. With God all things are possible. Vision Incorporate wellness into all aspects of our residents’ and staff’s experiences for a purposeful, meaningful life. 3 must haves if I were stranded on a desert Island. 1.  Family 2.  Kindle 3.  Sunscreen

David Caudle

Executive Creative Director

Background David launched into his career in the mid-1990s as a graphic designer with a passion for corporate identity and brand management, deploying systems for Corporate 1000 companies and a few well-known golf courses along the way. As the world of communications expanded its reach into the digital realm, he developed products and managed teams that could leverage screen-based solutions to reach target audiences and foster engagement. After co-founding and selling Frogman Interactive, a marketing agency that specialized in digital immersive experiences for senior living communities, he joined Spectrum’s Leadership Team to enhance the delivery of creative marketing solutions. David holds a B.F.A. from East Carolina University. Beliefs As a graphic designer, I believe all user experiences, both online and off, should be thoughtfully and elegantly executed to make the world a more beautiful place. As a brand champion, I believe messaging should be strategically developed to foster engagement and maintain audience relevance. As a tech-fanatic, I think these concepts should not be mutually exclusive. Vision To implement designs and deploy technologies that solve communication challenges. I seek business camaraderie with others who share a common goal of challenging assumptions. I gravitate to anyone with a spirit of entrepreneurship and a willingness to take risks. Mostly, I want to work for and with people who wish to make a difference in the lives of others. 3 must haves if I were stranded on a desert Island. 1.  My family 2.  An Italian chef 3.  A mountain with a variety of trails for hiking

 David Caudle, Executive Creative Director

David Caudle, Executive Creative Director

part-time beard grower. reluctant dog owner. disruptor. trailblazer. servant leader. believer.