Occupancy Is Overrated.

by: Lonny Blessing, VP of Planning & Project Management

Spectrum’s vision and focus for future development in the senior living industry are based on two simple questions for guiding our planning and two meaningful challenges directing our implementation.

The two questions that guide our future development planning are simple: Does it enrich the lives of seniors? Does it strengthen the community? 

If these two questions are answered with a “yes” for any planned initiative, project, product, service or program, then it should be developed.

The two challenges directing our implementation are based on findings in the marketplace, and the solutions will be game changing.

The first challenge is based on seniors’ basic desires for their lives. Over the past two years, we have been surveying seniors (prospective residents) during focus groups and marketing events at our client communities. The challenging finding is simple and confirming: the vast majority of seniors share the desire to live a long, healthy, meaningful life. They further admit that they don’t want to live a long life, if they are not healthy; and, if they are healthy they can live a more fulfilling and meaningful life. The solution is to provide powerful, game-changing integrated programs and resources to advance a culture of wellness that supports longevity, personal growth, healthy living, and a positive life experiences.

The second challenge is based seniors’ misconceptions and mis-calculations related to their errant decision-making. In a recent, credible senior living industry survey, it was substantiated that 80% of new in-movers to Life Plan Communities across the country wished they would have moved five years sooner. Eighty percent is a significant outcome, but of greater concern is these consumers missed the major buying decision by five years! This finding is disappointing and disturbing. It makes us realize, as industry professionals, that we have failed these senior consumers to educate, inform, and persuade them appropriately. The solution is to provide significant game-changing experiences, initiatives and tools to educate seniors on the incredible benefits of choosing a Life Plan Community.

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